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Is Traveling Abroad For Artificial Joint Replacement Really Worth It?

Is Traveling Abroad For Artificial Joint Replacement Really Worth It?

Many people who contact Taqtik have heard about the advantages of traveling internationally for artificial joint replacement.

However, they often have concerns about the overall cost, including travel expenses, quality of service, schedule availability, and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the joint replacement doctors and staff.

In this article, we’ll consider some of the often-overlooked benefits that may convince you that traveling internationally to work with some of our world-class orthopedic doctors who specialize in artificial joint replacement is a great idea.

For many people, the potential price savings is a key issue that causes them to reach out to us. And in fact, depending on the procedure, you can usually expect to significantly benefit by working with us.

But beyond just price, there are many other benefits to consider. For example, our foreign hospitals are much more willing to give accurate quotes upfront, prior to your joint replacement surgery.

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Good luck asking a western hospital what your final bill will be upfront. As you likely know, they can often be evasive, vague, and avoid committing to a fixed price.

However, in foreign hospitals, they often offer set packages that cap the total cost.  And it’s this openness that enables you to better compare your options across multiple countries.

But no matter what, you can be assured that any artificial joint replacement surgery will be lower than in a domestic-based hospital.

Beyond the basic costs for the surgery, you should also expect to enjoy superior service during your visit.

For example, tasks typically delegated to low-level medical assistants in western hospitals are usually performed by highly trained professionals abroad.

Instead of being told where to go to get your medications or to see another doctor, you can expect to be personally escorted.

That’s because while western joint replacement medical professionals are usually over-booked, rushing in and out to the next patient, doctors in the major international hospitals have a much more reasonable work schedule and have a greater focus on spending quality time with each patient.

If you need to stay overnight in the hospital, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the rooms and service, which often seem more like a hotel suite than a traditional hospital room.

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And if you’re concerned that because something is cheaper then it must be lower quality, nothing could be further from the truth with our surgeons who specialize in artificial joint replacement.

While the doctors or surgeons you may see in your home country are typically “average,” those you’ll see in International medical hubs are often much better.

Most are trained in the US or Western Europe and find that working in their home countries allows them to spend more time focused on developing their joint replacement surgical skills compared to the overworked and frenzied environment their western counterparts have to endure.

Also, by traveling internationally for your knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or ankle replacement, you’ll have quicker access to the medical services you need.

For example, in the US, you may have to wait for months for your surgery. And in Canada or the UK, you may have to wait 1-3 years!

However, by traveling internationally, most artificial joint replacement procedures can be conducted within a few days of arriving.

Lastly, if you’re recovering from joint replacement surgery, why sit at home when you could be recovering in one of the most beautiful vacation locations in the world?

And if your family comes with you, many of the hospitals have travel agents that will arrange fun getaways to the beach and other adventures.

Moreover, given the money you can save on the joint replacement procedure, your vacation will still be cheaper than having the services done at home!

Summary of Benefits

No matter what artificial joint replacement surgery you need, there are 6 key benefits you’ll enjoy by working with us.

  1. Cost Savings – Most international surgeries cost less than those in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia
  2. Reduced Wait Times – You’ll avoid the frustratingly long wait times in your home country. Why wait 6-12 months when you can get your joint replacement surgery immediately abroad?
  3. The Highest Quality Care – Saving money does not mean compromising on quality.
  4. State-of-the-art Medical Facilities – The International infrastructure and medical facilities for artificial joint replacement surgery are comparable with that offered in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
  5. Highly Experienced Doctors – International orthopedists who specialize in artificial joint replacement are skilled professionals with years of experience. Most have had their medical training in the U.S. or UK.
  6. A Beautiful Vacation – Our international locations for joint replacement surgery are some of the most beautiful places anywhere in the world.


So, is traveling internationally for your artificial joint replacement surgery worth It?

Yes, because not only can you get your medical procedure for a lower price, but you’ll enjoy better service, better quality, immediate availability, and get to spend your time recovering in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

To learn more and get a FirmQuote™ from one of our medical tourism experts, click here.

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