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HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Solutions

Every healthcare institution needs their own personalized medical video conferencing solution that meets their unique requirements. So, whether you wish to improve communications between doctors and medical professionals, or simply wish to provide patients with a means to access medical services remotely, Taqtik Telehealth can help you come up with a comprehensive software solution that can be effectively implemented in your institution.

Telemedicine Video Conferencing—Treat Patients from Anywhere

Taqtik’s telemedicine video conferencing software solution allows you to treat patients from anywhere. This means that as a doctor, you can treat patients from around the world. Your patients can be in the busiest of cities or in the most rural or remote parts of the world. There are no geographical restrictions to the provision of healthcare services when medical video conferencing is implemented. If an emergency service is needed in a certain location where it’s simply not available, video conferencing can connect providers with patients wherever and whenever help is needed.

Patients from in other countries or rural communities do not have to travel many miles to healthcare institutions for check-ups and consultations. Patients can easily have regular consultations with their doctors which improves the overall quality of care and also eliminates the need to incur unnecessary expenses.

As a result, patients in other countries or rural communities often have to travel miles to receive treatment even for a routine checkup. By using medical video conferencing, patients in rural areas do not have to travel many miles to healthcare institutions to see their doctors. This can improve the overall quality of care and also eliminates the need to incur unnecessary expenses related to travel, missing work, childcare and more.



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Technology Solutions

Online and Cross Border Health

  • 008-patient

    Patient Navigator

    Custom CRM platform to manage complex cross-border health, medical records, billing and security for patients. 

  • teleconference


    Turn-key multi-language teleconsultation platform with recording, language conversion, and transcripts.

  • 012-artificial-intelligence

    AI Patient Matching

    Subscribe to our AI patient matching platform to match patients up with the right treatment and healthcare provider within minutes.

  • 010-mobile-app

    Mobile Applications

    Promote your business offerings with a custom mobile website for IOS and Android.

  • 014-cloud

    Website and Hosting

    Manage your website and acquire more cross-border patients with super fast hosting and web services

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    Peer to Peer Network

    Database access to connect with top specialists and providers using the lastest techniques and therapies

Features and Benefits

Manage cost, improve productivity, grow revenue.

  • PSM-2
    Dedicated Partner
    Success Manager

    Through regular account management meetings, your partner success manager will be able to assist you with your overall online and cross border strategy and roadmap.

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    Control Costs/
    Manage OPEX

    You can scale your online and cross border business costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need.

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    Capacity Management
    Economy of Scale

    Manage your capacity to meet demands. When you use our technology and services you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.

  • productivity
    Improved Productivity
    Increased Efficiency

    Leverage our experience, expertise. and global connection to top specialists and make faster treatment diagnosis improving productivity and efficiency.

  • costs
    No Capital outlay/
    Low Investment

    Offset investment in technology costs. Save thousands on hardware and software upfront, using our technology platforms, peer-to-peer networks, and more.

Taqtik is always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our hospitals rather than an external partner.
John H. Bedard, Jr