Ebis medical provides personalized cancer care solutions for patients, providers, and physicians.

What is Personalized Cancer Care?

Cancer affects one in three people over their lifetime. This means that it is a disease that will hit close to home for everyone. Everyone will have family or friends that will be affected and loved ones will become cancer patients. Cancer is personal. Luckily, we are living in a new age when cancer patients are more likely than ever to be cancer survivors with “personalized cancer care”.

Personalized cancer care in the new era of digital health 4.0 requires combining tech and touch to provide a truly revolutionized treatment of care. The technology (AI) speeds up the process of finding the right treatments, but the touch is the “human” side that cannot be replaced by technology.

We work with primary physicians, healthcare providers, and global oncologists to provide you with a personalized cancer treatment plan.

Patients Can Find the Right Cancer Treatment Option in Minutes

Using our AI platform you can complete an online assessment in minutes and find the right cancer treatment specifically for you and your disease.

Physicians Can Provide Advanced Cancer Treatment Options For Their Patients

Our online database for physicians helps primary care or local specialists find unknown or advanced treatments from some of the top cancer facilities in the world.

Together We Connect and Share Knowledge To Benefit the Global Cancer Community

By working together, our combined experience and technology connect more physicians and patients with the global cancer community.



Quick response

Our technology is extremely responsive ensuring both patients and providers can search online for the best treatment options in minutes.



We have over 20+ years of technology innovation supporting international healthcare providers and specialists connect with patients.


Partner Collaboration

Our country managers provide 1:1 support with all strategic partners delivering a combined best in class patient experience.


Technology savvy

We design, evaluate, and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.


AI and UX Design

We combine the latest AI and best of breed technology with UX in mind to provide the highest standard partner and patient experience.


100% Satisfaction

We want to make sure our partners are completely satisfied with our technology and services. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.